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A chart or record set detailing the direct ancestors of an individual.

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Distant Cousin of Shakespeare [duplicate]

A family member just emailed me to inform me that he did some genealogical research and that we are distant cousins of William Shakespeare (1st cousin 14x removed). I don't know anything about ...
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Representing large pedigree chart as spreadsheet?

I'm working on a family history pedigree that is very wide with over 30 generations. I need to take a lot of notes about the various members and I need to see the pedigree in a semi-graphical manner ...
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How to interpret "in descent from"

An article in NEXUS: New England Across the United States (volume XVI, no. 5), published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, contains genealogical entries such as (p. 157): William ...
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How likely is it that I am related to a specific person who was living 20 or 30 generations ago? [duplicate]

I have discovered that I am related to someone specific who lived in 1066. How likely is this? In other words, the answer could be “No big deal. When you go back that many generations,the math shows ...
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Pedigree collapse and generation number [duplicate]

Which generation are the descendants of the marriage of persons from different generation (e.g. person and her uncle see e.g. Pedigree of Alfonso XII of Spain here
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Displaying exponentially growing family tree in practical way?

I have now almost completed my family tree, having each branch going back to approximately the French revolution, discovering dozens of previously unknown ancestors. I would like to share the family ...
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Displaying pedigree of both husband and wife on same chart?

Is there a pedigree chart available with which I can make both my family tree and my wife's family tree on the same chart? Both the trees have a common ancestor which is what I'm trying to figure ...
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What chart I should use to draw this relationship?

I have a case of a family having a complex relation. I looked at some pedigree templates to draw this, but I can't. Husband was married to Wife who passed away after three years of marriage. They ...
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How do I determine our common ancestor?

I'm trying to find a match for DNA that is narrowed down to go through my dad's line and another person's paternal line. I'm thinking if I could compare our fathers' pedigree surnames it might reveal ...
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Interpreting the Trussell Family Tree

I am having trouble interpreting a family tree of the Trussell family that I found: Specifically, near the top right, I see: "WILLIAM = ROHESE dau[ghter] and heir of WILLIAM PANTULF of Cublesdon ...
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Average number of ancestors [duplicate]

Every individual has two parents, four grand-parents and so on. This would yield an astronomical number of ancestors even after a small number of generations, e.g. 235 ∼ 34 billions. The solution ...
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How many ancestors alive 1000 years ago does a person have on average?

I was thinking about something the other day (that is probably stupid), and thought this would be a good place to talk about it. If someone wanted to draw its family tree over the last 1000 years, he'...
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Recording/verifying information from pedigree chart in Legacy?

I have recently received a printed pedigree chart of 20 pages. My mother is included in the chart. How/where do I start recording this information in Legacy? How/where do I start to verify the ...
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How well do I know my ancestors (at least superficially)?

What I am hoping to learn in this Question is the correct terminology and any tools available for determining what I will try to describe below. Firstly, I know that I will never know all my ...
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