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Ancestors union civil war pension containing a USCT vet on their pension

Researching family history and managed to find relatives union civil war pension card. The card has all the usual listings of “widow, children” etc. however the card also contains an application and ...
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WWI Pension Record Cards and Ledgers query concerning name / date

Today I paid to gain access to images on Fold3 website. As a result I have deleted some of the content of the document: It is a WW1 Pension Document but I am confused. Her birth name is Mary ...
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What is name of this Captain in War of 1812?

In this pension file record on Fold, I have a commander whose name I cannot make out: I've transcribed the page as follows: State of South Carolina, Pickens District } On this the Eighth Day of ...
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What is this abbreviation symbol in War of 1812 Pension File?

This image from Fold has a symbol that I cannot identify, shown circled here: My transcription reads: Allowed July 23' 1860 at the rate of $4.00 per month from Febry 1st 1859, Subject to all pay ...
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What is the meaning of the handwritten notation on the pension record of Charles Clements?

I am trying to interpret this US Revolutionary War pension payment record: I am interested in the date of death of Charles Clements of Flauvanna, Virginia. The line for him ends with this notation: ...
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Civil War pension card listing alias and different wife?

My question regards my great grandfathers pension file, general index to pension files, 1861-1934, image number 3738. The name of soldier is: Buchert, Malone alias, George W(ashington) Heffelfinger. ...
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Civil War Pension Cards - "Date Of Filing" explanation

Background. While researching ancestor named Henry SCHRIML born 5 OCT 1809 Bavaria and died 16 APR 1865. Married to Katherine Maria HERRMANN born 24 JUL 1815 Germany and died 29 Jan 1901 Dayton, Ohio....
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Deciphering this area of Indiana?

I am looking at a sworn testimony for an application to transfer a Revolutionary War pension that speaks of moving before May 1838 from Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana to this location, also in Indiana: I'...
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What was the "Old War" and how should I interpret this pension index card?

I'm looking at this old military pension file index. Jeptha Tallant is listed under the heading "Old War" -- which war is it referring to? I believe he was born in 1811, so the Revolutionary War ...
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