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Questions tagged [photo-identification]

Identification of Date, Location, Individual(s), an item displayed in, or the Photographer in a supplied photograph.

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Identifying Military Uniform from Franco Prussian War?

I am looking for information regarding my great-great grandfather Heinrich Rositzky and the military uniform he is wearing, and if a unit or even his rank could possibly be determined by it. ...
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Identifying family in photo taken by Edwin Lott at Bridgend, Wales?

Can anyone identify the family in this photo taken by Edwin Lott at Nolton Studio Bridgend? I believe it's a Morgan family. The reverse side of the photograph can be seen in Dating photo by Edwin ...
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Identifying when and where photo of man wearing German Waffenrock uniform might have been taken?

I recently was given this photo by a cousin who was wondering if I knew who this person was. I figured the first thing I need to figure out is about when and where this photo was taken. From the ...
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Identifying military uniform which is probably French or Italian

I'm trying to ID someone's military uniform in an old family photo. Not a lot of clues to go on, except that the man was probably French or Italian, maybe in a colonial setting. Can you recognize the ...
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Dating photo of car and camper from about 1940s?

I have this family photo: showing a camping trip at McCullens Lake, Michigan, United States for Robert Carroll and his wife Mag. I'd like to estimate the date it was taken from the car and the ...
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Trying to find dates for cabinet cards with Brooklyn business information and addresses?

We have 2 cabinet cards and a cabinet-card-esque photograph that I believe are from the early 1900s that we are trying to date more concretely based on writing on the three cards. The first image has ...
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Finding age of man from photo by comparison

I'm looking to find out when the photo on the right was taken, so I can identify this mans age. I am trying to work out either by the suit or the style of photo a rough era, as well as by the ...
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