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For questions about the legal process of distributing the estate of a deceased person.

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Strange Probate record: Could this death record not be correct?

I have been trying to resolve an issue with death records for a Mary Ann Callen born 10 Aug 1870 in Southampton, Hampshire, England. She married Joseph Horatio Follett Sept. quarter of 1890 in ...
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Would wife have any entitlement to estate if not mentioned in husband's will?

I have a copy of a will dated 1743 of a married man, from Oxfordshire, England, which makes no mention of his wife. All his estate is left to his siblings, nephews, servants, etc. They had no children....
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Understanding the disposal of an estate in Jersey

On 21 May 1858, Edward Harper died in Grouville parish, Jersey; he made a will 3 days before he died (accessible via the Jersey Archives site at
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Why were Bondsmen shown for 1717 Probate Letters of Administration?

Researching a 7 x GGfather who died 1717 (A land owning Farmer & Yeoman) I came across a Letter of Administration Probate record (effectively his Will) setting out his Goods & Chattels. ...
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Determining closest heir for probate?

Lady Y is the cousin of Lady X's mother Lady Z is the daughter of Lady X's Cousin Are both Lady Y and Z second cousins to Lady X, and for probate who is the closest heir?
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Minimum age to be mentioned in a will?

Edward Penny died in 1824 in New York. A brief abstract of his will is as follows: EDWARD PENNY, Pittstown Wife: Phebe. Oldest son: Benjamin. Son: Ammiel. Oldest dau.: Esther Marvel. Daus.: Thankful ...
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What did it mean to come of age in 1684 at Saco (now Maine, USA)?

John Presbury died 1679 of Saco, now Maine, USA, but then Massachusetts Bay Colony. John left minor sons including William Presbury. John's estate was administered by others until his son, William, "...
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How to tell if a will was executed as written?

I've a very recent example of a will in my family in which none of the bequests was actually paid due to a change in circumstances, and this has set me thinking about which records would show what ...
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2 answers

What does "Effects under" refer to on proving a will?

On proving of a will in 1866 in Ramsbury, England, the executors state 'Effects under thirty five thousand pounds'. Was this a general figure for wills or would this represent a rough net worth?
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Obtaining probate or administration documentation from solicitor?

These two situations are linked, and relate to relatively recent grants of administration in England. An individual died intestate about 5 years ago, and having no surviving spouse or children, her ...
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What happens when a last will and testament enters probate?

In a newspaper, I found mention of an ancestor's last will and testament: Last will and testament of Ida O. Vannoske, late of Amsterdam, will admitted to probate. Letters testamentary Issued to ...
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How to explain this administration of Estate?

My great great great grandmother Ann Helferty died in Glasgow in 1871. She was originally from county Tyrone but came to Scotland with her husband and children in the 1850s. I am confused about the ...