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For questions relating to the ownership or legal transfer of property, including the associated legal documents

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Seeking info on 307 N. Palmetto Ave. Green Cove Springs Florida

I was born in the naval hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. in 1959 and lived at 307 1/2 Palmetto Avenue. I have looked at every map, website etc. and I cannot find anything at that address. My military ...
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Finding out if ancestor owned land they lived on in England

I found the will of my 2x great-grandfather and a voters list where they lived. Norah Pybus B: 11 Mar 1870 in Bramhope Yorkshire England D: 13 Aug 1948 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada Robert ...
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Landowning in Eighteenth Century Gloucestershire?

I am a PhD student and I am working on finding information about a particular family. I know the fathers name and the rough place that he owned a freehold (Oldbury in Gloucester - which I believe ...
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Freehold and copyhold land in 18th century England?

The will of my ancestor, Matthew Wilson of Wannerton, dated 1776, refers to "my Freehold or Copyhold Lands or Tenements in the parish of Clent or elsewhere". What do the terms freehold and copyhold ...
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What does "Do agt for" mean in Georgia Property Tax Digests?

While reviewing the digital image of a record from the collection, "Georgia, Property Tax Digests, 1793-1893," I found this phrase several times on the page: "Do agt for" followed by a ...
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