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For questions about ancestors and records in the former European state of Prussia, now part of Germany.

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Translating German Birth Register (1861)

I found a set of birth records for some ancestors of mine in the Polish archives (FamilySearch film #8004076). They are from New Waltersdorf, in southern part of Silesia. I have two scans, from ...
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Where would Talne, Vine, Germany or Talue, Germany be today?

I am attempting to find my stepsisters 2nd Great Grandfathers birth town. He immigrated to the US in 1885, but documents show he was born in Talne, Vine, Germany in 1865. His last name is Ulatowski. ...
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What is the "father's profession" (conditio it professio) listed here?

I've got the following archive scan from 1844 in Gułtowy baptism book. I'm trying to decipher the father's profession of child Margaretha born 4th of July to Valentius and Maryanna (line 19). I also ...
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Records of German ancestor born c.1773 from Bolesławiec (Bunzlau)

My 5th great-grandfather immigrated to Russia in 1803 under the name Karl Ivanovich Jungfer. We have a good deal of records of his time in Russia, but nothing of his time before entering the country. ...
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Finding 1854 USA immigration record for Prussian ancestor

I’m trying to trace my family. At this point, I have found out my great grandfather was the 1st to enter the country. His name was William Koch. I’m not sure if that is the Americanized version. He ...
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Is there an online site where all Prussian and German Census can be found?

Like a bad beginner I had come across one census taken of the town called Angloh Germany in the Kirchham area in Passau region I believe. Anyway I long lost that link. I was hoping to see what family ...
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Seeking pre-1825 birth/baptism record in Prussia for George Fesch?

I am seeking a birth/baptism for George Fesch who was probably born prior to 1825 in Prussia, possibly in Cassel Hesse. I have not found a marriage record for George but his son Augustus Otto was ...
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Finding names for parents of Louis Spitzer who was born 1826 in Prussia?

Who were the parents of Louis Spitzer born March 5, 1826 (per Death Certificate) in Gleiwitz, Silesia, Prussia? He was jewish at death, but could have been Christian at birth.
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Seeking records of Prussian army artillery service in 1880s?

My grandfather Adolph Schwintowski was in Prussian Army Artillery. We had a certificate with his picture on it, very delicate and cracked. I don't have the dates because in one of my moves while in ...
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Identifying Military Uniform from Franco Prussian War?

I am looking for information regarding my great-great grandfather Heinrich Rositzky and the military uniform he is wearing, and if a unit or even his rank could possibly be determined by it. ...
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Translating WW1 German postcard?

I have an old WW1 postcard letter which was written by my Great Great Grandfather, i managed to come across this at my Grandfathers house. The writing is in German and i believe it may be old German ...
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Finding birth/baptism records for Prussian ancestor born around 1840?

My GreatGrandfather listed in his US census that he was born in Prussia around 1840. I believe that I traced him to Lubeck. How can I find birth/baptism records for Lubeck/Travemunde for about that ...
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Why was a Prussian soldier in Nova Scotia in 1817?

After participating in the Battle of Waterloo, Private Gottlieb Schmidt was discharged from the 3rd battalion in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1817. Private Schmidt was in the 3rd Battalion 60th Regiment. ...
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Identifying the parents of Moritz Martin Bernhardt born 1827 Treptow Prussia

Moritz Martin Bernhardt is my great-grand father. I was able to learn his age and place of birth (1827 Treptow, Prussia) from his application for US Citizenship. I found his date and place of death (...
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Looking for names of grandparents in Magdeburg, Germany when father born 1896?

I am looking for my father Herman Albert Zimmerman, who was born Oct 13, 1896, in Magdeburg, Germany. I found his World War I and II draft papers and have done much research with census and, on the ...
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Prussian army records before 1890

My greatgrandfather was ethnic Polish but was in the Prussian army prior to 1890. How can I find his records?
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Where is the Friedrichsbruch near Kokotzko in West Prussia / Poland?

I hoping to clarify where exactly Friedrichsburg / Friedrichsbruch or perhaps a similar variant immediately close to Kokotzko Poland. Per this document there were about 21 different variants of ...
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Finding Professional Genealogist in Germany knowedgeable on Kaiser Wilhelm?

I would like to find a Professional Genealogist to: work with all the time and so that when I make a trip to Germany in a couple of months time I have places to see and points of interest to help me ...
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Finding vital records in Upper Silesia (Prussia/Germany)?

I am looking for info about my great-great-grandparents. The info I'm looking for is: Dates and locations of their birth, marriage and death Go back further in time and find their ancestry Whether ...
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Where did the Vannoske's come from?

The origin of the Vannoske family (FamilySearch, Ancestry) is the biggest brick wall I have left. Here's what I know: The obituary of the oldest daughter, Mary Wojnowkski (Mrs Albert Zierak), says ...
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Who were parents of Xavier Rebholz who was born 1826 in Prussia?

I'm looking for my gg grandfather's ancestors. His name was Xavier Rebholz: Born in 1826 in Prussia, Died 09 JULY 1891 in Minneapolis. Married Mary Gerger, who was born in 1835 in Bavaria, died ...
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Marriage tax in the Rhineland under Prussian rule

I am searching for marriage taxes or fees that had to be paid in 19th century Rhineland under Prussian rule.
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