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Making genealogy content and research available to a broader audience.

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Distributing family tree as image - security?

I just created a huge family tree using mind-mapping tools, not common geneology tools. I'd like to distribute this to relatives as a PNG. I'm concerned about security. What should not be in a tree ...
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Can someone legally publish photos I uploaded to Ancestry?

I had uploaded some ancestor and family photos onto Ancestry and Find A Grave. A cousin contacted me about purchasing her books she had published on our family history. After I purchased her two books,...
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Privacy Considerations of Widow(er)

The general rule for putting family information up on public family trees such as Ancestry, FamilySearch, your own website, etc., is that no information about living people should be included. This is ...
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Submitting genealogy materials to US Library of Congress?

As of 2017-11-17, I'm still waiting for reply from the Local History and Genealogy Collection Development of the US Library of Congress, to my email on 2017-11-13: My late mother spent many hours ...
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Software/service for informal genealogy book?

Can anyone recommend a means of informally publishing a short family history that includes text, charts, and photos, for a non-family-researching audience? This would be intended for an 80th ...
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Balancing availability and privacy for family stories?

I would like to interview relatives about their lives and stories, and those of their ancestors and descendants, and I'd like to share these stories, but I want to strike a balance between what is ...
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MacFamilyTree 8 how to design book cover?

I use MacFamilyTree 8.0.10. and cannot find a possibility to design the book cover, so that I can add the picture as a background and maybe change the font type and sizes, such as this random ...
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How do I encourage readers of my genealogy blog to get in touch?

I am running a small genealogy blog. Most content is targeted at local historians and genealogists. It is a low-frequency blog and attracts around 500 readers a month. At the end of my articles, I ...
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Are there any published guidelines for organizing a family narrative other than in the Register-style generation-by-generation format?

The common format I've seen for published family trees (e.g., Register-style) start with a particular ancestral couple and move forward generation by generation. This has the advantage that the ...
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Layman instructions for reading a Modified Register Report

I have searched the web for instructions that may help a non-genealogist read a Modified Register Report (NGSQ System), but none of them show how to fully utilize the number system. They all seem to ...
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What is the best practice for posting certificates online?

I have been slowly acquiring birth, marriage and death certificates. Is there a best practice or accepted procedure for posting the United States certificates online, including to (to ...
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What should I keep in mind when doing a family history project for someone else?

A distant relative has seen a book I am putting together for my family and has asked me to do something similar for his ancestry. While this person is related I do not know them very well, and am ...
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What is the advantage of submitting my research to a GENDEX site?

Does submitting my research to a GENDEX site increase the likelihood of others requesting information from me?
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Publishing family tree online?

I would like to have my family tree online to share with relatives. I do not see a current need to have any extra such as matches with other people's trees and resources (online sources). Would I be ...
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Why would I add my research to an online genealogy site?

I have seen reference to online trees. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of me publishing my family information online?
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When should I publish my data to an online tree site?

I have decided to start my family tree again to include sources. I will use a software program to record the research. At what stage / how many individuals is it best to first publish to an online ...
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Sharing research results, getting credit

Say you've spent a considerable amount of time, and perhaps some money as well, documenting a set of families. The work has paid off, and one of the rewards is to share it with people who may be ...
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When a genealogist decides to formally publish their years of family history research, are the privacy concerns the same as for online publication?

Specifically, are they allowed to include in the publication mention of family members that are living? Does this also apply to less formal print publications, such as binders created at family ...
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What information should or can I publish to a web site?

My aunt has collected a pile of family history going way back. She asked me to help her get it in a form which we can share via the internet. I wrote a Silverlight app which works fine and is ...
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