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How common is it to be related to another person in at least two different ways?

While exploring my genealogy, I found out that I am related to my best friend Nate via 2 different genetic routes. But a little more backstory. I was born in Texas, spent my younger years in Minnesota,...
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2 answers

Finding details of recent Will in California?

I want to be sure if I am or am not included in the will of my relative who died in California in 2000. What kind of lawyer I should refer to investigate. Can a lawyer give idea about cost to look ...
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How difficult is to find relatives abroad? [closed]

How difficult can it be to find relatives in a diferent country? (e.g. I'm from Czech Republic and I am searching for relatives in another european country or US.)
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Contacting living distant relatives?

During my research, I have identified some people currently living who I believe are distant relatives. They are a brother and sister, who are my wife's third cousins. Neither has a family tree on ...
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