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Questions tagged [renaming-places]

Related to the record-keeping and tracing of place names as they change (or alternatively named) over time.

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Where was Grebenrodt in Hesse, Germany, in the late 1500s?

In Sippenbuch der Stadt Sontra in Hessen (etwa 1700 - 1825) 4. Teil, Wilm Sippel gives the following entry on page 205: (13893) SIPPEL,Marx in 6445 Heinebach, siehe Urkunden in Sippel 5, S.219-220 ...
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Is Russian village named Rawaliszki in 1912 still there?

My Grand father immigrated to the USA in 1912. On his entry to Ellis Island on the manifest list he listed his ethnic background as Poland/Russia, and the village he was born in is listed as ...
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Editing/fixing mispelled custom type in places menu of Gramps?

In Gramps places, there is a place type that can be selected. There was no place type named Cemetery so I added it. But in typing it in I typed it as Cemetary. I have added the correctly spelled ...
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How to find current Name (or location) of "Russian" town recorded in 1910?

A passenger arrived in the port of New York on the ship Philadelphia in 1910. His residence, as listed on the Ellis Island manifest, is transcribed as "Ruistikovicz, Russia". The passenger is said ...
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Proper Citation for Hungary/Austria Birthplace [duplicate]

I am tracing ancestors born in the late 18th through mid 19th century from a village which at the time was in western Hungary. Following the end of WWI, the area was transferred to Austria and the ...
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Where might I find General Orders No. 77 dated 11 Nov 1943?

I have found a document that notes the renaming of Edinburgh Field, Trinidad to Carlsen Field (click image for full size): To get more information about the renaming (and the individual behind it) I ...
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