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Questions tagged [renaming-places]

Related to the record-keeping and tracing of place names as they change (or alternatively named) over time.

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Where was Grebenrodt in Hesse, Germany, in the late 1500s?

In Sippenbuch der Stadt Sontra in Hessen (etwa 1700 - 1825) 4. Teil, Wilm Sippel gives the following entry on page 205: (13893) SIPPEL,Marx in 6445 Heinebach, siehe Urkunden in Sippel 5, S.219-220 ...
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Is Russian village named Rawaliszki in 1912 still there?

My Grand father immigrated to the USA in 1912. On his entry to Ellis Island on the manifest list he listed his ethnic background as Poland/Russia, and the village he was born in is listed as ...
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