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For questions about how to conduct genealogy research and best practices for genealogy research.

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Finding archival records for tracing father of illegitimate child in mid 1880s County Down, Ireland?

In a couple of weeks, I will be travelling to Ireland for a two-week vacation. Part of my trip will be spent in the Belfast area, visiting both the General Register Office for Northern Ireland (GRONI)...
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Finding ancestor Nathan Cohen who was born in Russia and immigrated New York City 1900-1905?

My Great Great Grandfather Nathan Cohen was born in Russia. He had a wife Lissie Bernstein with whom he had a daughter Minnie, born in Vilna sometime around 1886. Lissie died about 2 years later in ...
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How to find German battle accounts

I’m wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. My uncle was shot down by a German night fighter, which was apparently confirmed by obtained German documents a year after. The documents ...
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Batch person search by place of residence in historical US census?

My database contains the names of a long list of individuals and their place of residence, and I would like to retrieve the demographic information (gender, race, age, etc.) about the individuals the ...
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Searching for half-sisters from Switzerland?

I would like to locate my two half-sisters. My father (born in Kabul, Afghanistan) is their birth father from his first marriage to a Swiss born woman woman. My mother and father got married years ...
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