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Questions tagged [romania]

For questions about ancestors and records in the country of Romania. This includes previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of present-day or historic Romania, such as when it was part of the Ottoman Empire prior to independence in 1877.

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Finding origins of Romanian grandparents born in mid 1920s?

My Grandparents immigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1950. My Grandfather was born in Ploiesti in 1924 and went on to be a soldier in the in the Romanian Airforce during WW2. During the war ...
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Finding birth certificate from late 19th century Transylvania

I am trying to find birth certificate or details about my great grandparents who were from Transylvania. My great grandfathers name was Marton Joszef and my great grandmother was Sarlota Lefkorits. ...
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Klein & Rosenzweig family tree question

I am in search of family geneaology for my 2x great grandparents. I knew my 2x great grandmother until I was 10 (I know crazy!), so I have some history on her side, but not my 2x great grandfather. ...
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Travelling to Romania to explore family roots?

I will be traveling to Romania this spring for about a 2 week stay. Aside from enjoying the tourist side of things, family history exploration will be a priority. I will have a Romanian tour guide ...
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Finding Gavril and Olga Friedmann of Arad, Romania?

I am looking for a family called Friedmann (Gavril and Olga). In 1942 they lived in Arad, Romania. Olga was born around 1900 in Oradea area and moved with her husband in Arad. These are the only info ...
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