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Questions tagged [school-records]

For questions about records relating to education, such as admission registers, school log books, or academic reports.

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Did Blanche Adelaide LAPPAGE (b 1872) attend school?

Blanche Adelaide LAPPAGE was born in 1872. Blanche’s mother died 1874, and her father remarried 1875. Blanche cannot be found until the 1881 census in a Woolwich workhouse. I have found no record ...
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Where is Hockaday School 1940 census page?

I'm looking for a student who I believe attended the Hockaday boarding school for girls during the 1940 census. I used to lookup the ED number of 255-181 for ...
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Case for seeking quotation to digitize Greenwich Hospital School admission record of John Smyth in about 1755?

My 4th great grandfather John Smyth was a Captain's Clerk on the HMS Firm when he married Sarah Osment on 13 Jul 1764 at Stoke Damerel, Devon, England. When he was buried at Bunhill Fields Burial ...
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