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Questions tagged [scotland]

For questions about ancestors and records in Scotland. Also tag the county if the question is specific to that county.

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How to interpret this Scottish Catholic Register birth/baptism entry?

I've found the entry for an ancestor's birth in the Scottish Catholic Register (1851, Glasgow) and I'm confused what two annotations might mean. I found it on ScotlandsPeople but have searched the ...
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When and where did Mary Thomas b. abt 1793 in Port of Menteith, Dunbartonshire marry her (first) Hutcheson husband and what was his forename?

Who was the Hutcheson or Hutchison who could have married a Mary Thomas, possibly in Barony, Glasgow, Lanarkshire around 1810-1820? We now know that Mary died in Davidson, Tennessee in 1868. Some ...
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Was William Campbell both married and having another relationship?

William Campbell born 1816/1819 Creich, Sutherland, Scotland, was the husband of Elspeth Matheson (born 1820 Rogart, sutherland) and had 6 children and as far as I can ascertain had a relationship ...
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Scottish Mortality Register (Montrose 1787)

Before the introduction of the Statutory Registers there was no systematic record of deaths in Scotland. What there are are often financial in nature, recording the hire of the parish mort cloth or ...
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Obtaining documents of Cuthbert and Baird families

The names of my Cuthberts were, George, James, John, Lewis and others of the family. The specific ones that came to Savannah, GA., USA are James, John, Lewis. John Cuthbert came in the Prince of ...
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Transcribing place of occupation (Coal Pit) and information about it

I am trying to determine the Coal Pit where Samuel Harris was stated to have been working on 13 Feb 1877 in Irvine. I can make out: Samuel Harris Engineman at Bay? Coal Pit I tried to google it (eg: ...
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Belonging to Scottish Clan MacGregor?

If my great great grandmother was part of Clan MacGregor can I belong to the Clan aswell even though it's so far back? Not officially belong to the Clan but can I call myself a MacGregor?
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