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Tag should be used for questions about the online resource ( that contains nearly 90 million U.K. records as well as the physical ScotlandsPeople Centre located in Edinburgh.

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Help needed to resolve two conflicting pieces of information

I have traced one of my ancestors to this particular individual, but the trail goes dead and other family trees have gone with, what i perceive as incorrect. James Borland, married Janet Livingtone in ...
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Irregular Session Catholic Marriage in Scotland's OPR

Would a Catholic irregular session marriage at St. Andrews in Glasgow on 25/11/1821 be listed in the OPR? I believe these are my 3x-g-gp Donald McDonald, Tailor, and Mary Crerar.
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Locating "Bankhead of ..." in parish of Forfar

I am attempting to determine the location of an area whose name is difficult to read on two parish records from the parish of Forfar: The marriage of John Ormond and Katherine Henderson in 1767 (...
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Belonging to Scottish Clan MacGregor?

If my great great grandmother was part of Clan MacGregor can I belong to the Clan aswell even though it's so far back? Not officially belong to the Clan but can I call myself a MacGregor?
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Why are there multiple Parishes listed for Births & Baptisms in Scotlands People?

When searching ScotlandsPeople it sometimes seems to list two parishes together. For example: Urquhart and Glenmoriston Old or West Kilpatrick Ardnamurchan and Strontian or Sunart Why would this be?
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