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Seeking marriage certificate of Russian and Serbian from about 1900s?

My Serbian Grandfather Milan Marich (born 1880) married Russian Zinaida Dimitrieva Homichevskaya around 1900. How could I find their marriage certificate? The last picture is a document of my ...
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1 answer

Searching for ancestry records of family from Bosnia/Serbia/Former Yugoslavia

My partner was born in Bosnia, as were his parents (migrated to Australia in the 90s). Is there any site or anyone I can contact to find records of my partner's grandparents, great grandparents etc.?...
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Seeking birth record for Russian who immigrated to New Zealand in 1950s?

I’m trying to track down my grandfather who came to NZ in the 1950’s and was very secretive about his life/family before NZ. I have no idea where he was born but I believe he could have been born in ...
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