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Questions tagged [sharing]

The process and means of sharing genealogical or family history data. This includes the medium of sharing (e.g., file formats) as well as the method (web, physical media, etc.)

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Was I wrong to add more branches to my relative's tree? [closed]

My paternal uncle made a family tree and then invited the members to it. He got mad when I put my maternal family on it. Is it me or is that just unreasonable? Wouldn't a family tree be more practical ...
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What to do with late mother's boxes of documents?

My late mother had an amateur interest in genealogy of our family. She gathered boxes of clippings and writings and photos, etc. She flew to Europe to visit sites and meet with descendents, etc. No ...
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Printing (or pdf) of FULL report including all jpg files

I have My Heritage on my laptop and have done a lot of research over the years. Have stored a lot of jpg files of census reports, draft registrations, new paper articles etc. under the appropriate ...
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What to do with an ancestor's diary?

I just received a couple of diaries spanning a few years in the early 20th century from a relative. She told me she would like to see them be donated to the local historical society, but to feel free ...
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Sharing genealogical data (from GEDCOM) with family members?

I recently inherited a large (paper-based) set of records pertaining to my family history. I spent about three days converting one branch of the family to GEDCOM format, using a free software package. ...
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How do I encourage readers of my genealogy blog to get in touch?

I am running a small genealogy blog. Most content is targeted at local historians and genealogists. It is a low-frequency blog and attracts around 500 readers a month. At the end of my articles, I ...
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Are there any published guidelines for organizing a family narrative other than in the Register-style generation-by-generation format?

The common format I've seen for published family trees (e.g., Register-style) start with a particular ancestral couple and move forward generation by generation. This has the advantage that the ...
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Why doesn't the haplogroup K2b2 appear on

I have a mtDNA test for my mom at and the results list her Haplogroup as being K2b2, however, when I go to publish a entry, the available Haplogroup does ...
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Using git for genealogy collaboration

Are there any existing projects or proposed standards for using git (a source version control system) to collaborate on building genealogical source records and/or conclusions? Git Git (best known ...
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How can I catalog, preserve, and share ephemera?

I just moved in to live with my grandmother. There is a ton of ephemera around, especially from the good old days when local newspapers reported on everything from illness to vacation. How can I ...
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2 answers

Gifting research to family members - What kind of generation chart?

I'm a bit overwhelmed with the variety of generation charts. I've already run into a problem with a heritage book that I've given to a family member that had spaces to write down your ancestors in a ...
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12 votes
3 answers

What factors should I consider when moving away from obsolete family tree software?

For many years I've been using a program called "Family Tree 2.0", which came on a CD with PC Format magazine of July 2001. This software is pretty much obsolete... it won't work on operating systems ...
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4 answers

Sharing Pictures or Data for access by future researchers?

I only recently started my family history quest and have various (captioned) photos & other items regarding people not related to me. Save starting my own web site, is there some place I can ...
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Deleting information from

If I upload an image to my family tree on, etc. and someone shares/downloads it into their own tree - then if I later delete the image from my tree, does the other person still ...
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Preferred file format to exchange images

I have some old pictures that I want to scan and make available, with all the information that I have about them (like who's in the picture, where it was taken, and so on). What's the best file ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Are Tiny Tafels still used?

I remember years ago, that many early genealogy programs used to produce a compact way of describing the main surnames found in a family genealogy. This format was called a Tiny Tafel. It had a header ...
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Publishing family tree online?

I would like to have my family tree online to share with relatives. I do not see a current need to have any extra such as matches with other people's trees and resources (online sources). Would I be ...
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What are the key features in genealogical software that will help me future proof my research?

I have been researching my family for about 15 years. I have used Microsoft Access for about 10 years to record my results. Microsoft no longer supports the version of Access I have. I have no need ...
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What to do with discarded research data?

What to do with discarded research data? Some time ago, I was looking for anything related to the birth, or the family, of a lady who married into my line back in 1834. All I could see was one ...
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Sharing research results, getting credit

Say you've spent a considerable amount of time, and perhaps some money as well, documenting a set of families. The work has paid off, and one of the rewards is to share it with people who may be ...
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4 answers

What standards exist for the exchange of genealogical information?

I've used GEDCOM to transfer data between desktop software and websites, but it all seems a bit old hat. Is there anything better that will mangle* my data less. * For example, GEDCOM can lose some ...
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3 answers

How can I import sections of someone else's tree?

I use a range of online family tree apps (genesreunited and others) and often find distant family members who send me sections of their trees in Gedcom format, however I can't see any straightforward ...
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24 votes
9 answers

Benefiting from another's tree without copying and pasting?

Once one gets so far back in their tree, one finds ancestors in common with other researchers. It is all too tempting to collect information by copy and paste information from another researcher's ...
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