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Silesia is a historico-cultural region in central europe. Originally a Polish duchy, it became gradually distant from Poland and was attached to Bohemia in 1350, then Austria in 1526. The northwest became gradually germanized, while the southest remained slavic. In 1740 Prussia invaded most of the country, which was then split in Autrian and Prussian Silesia. In 1945 most of it was attached to Poland again. There's small German and Czech parts, too.

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Records of German ancestor born c.1773 from Bolesławiec (Bunzlau)

My 5th great-grandfather immigrated to Russia in 1803 under the name Karl Ivanovich Jungfer. We have a good deal of records of his time in Russia, but nothing of his time before entering the country. ...
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Establishing birthplace of Heinrich Oldag in Silesia?

I am trying to find more information about Hans Heinrich Rudolf Oldag and Ernestine Pauline Friederike Hampel, the parents of Anna Minna Martha Oldag (born 10 Oct 1866 in Warmbrunn, Silesia, now ...
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Seeking 1873 marriage record for Gregor Nanik from Upper Silesia?

Gregor was married in 1873 to Hedwiga Wodarz. His father was Anthony Nanik. I heard were friends of the Hindenburgs and Gregor served in the Military. During the war hid in the caves. He immigrated to ...
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Looking for evidence of my grandfather's German citizenship?

I am looking for records of my grandfather, Ernest Paul Wolf, born on 1.11.1899 in Strehlen, Silesia, son of Fiedrich Wolf and Auguste Krause, both German. During WWII he was a civilian. I need his ...
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Is it really written "Bauer" here?

The profession of my ancestors is indicated in a catholic church book from Upper Silesia. I'm fairly confident they were farmers, so it should be written Bauer since the register is written in German. ...
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Is there a Polish variant of the name Thillmann, and what does this name mean?

It appears my great-great-grandmother was named Thillmann, and was Silesian Polish, despite her name sounding German. I know many names and surnames have translations between both of those languages, ...
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Lists of casualties of the Battle of Mollwitz

As a battle of the War of the Austrian Succession, the Battle of Mollwitz was fought between Prussian and Austrian forces on 10 April 1741. I wonder if there are lists of casualties available?
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