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Origin of Falez Surname?

My last name is Falez, which is a fairly uncommon surname. The farthest person back in the family tree that I'm aware of was, I'm told, Slovenian or Austrian, which obviously borders Italy and is in ...
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Records from Murska Sobata - Hungary, Yugoslavia & now Slovenia

I was surprised to find Trautman's were listed as Jews and killed in Auschwitz on How do I find records from a Synagogue that was shut down by the Nazi's. The Synagogue I need the ...
4 votes
2 answers

What is being recorded in this Latin church vital record?

I have a document from the Ljubljana archives in Slovenia that I do not understand: As best I can tell, it is written in Latin and there are alternating columns for male and female sex. I think a ...
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1 answer

What town is meant by the location Gorn. Laknic?

I have a transcription provided by the Ljubljana church archives of Slovenia that says that Jozefa Zaman was born at Gorn. Laknic 8 on 17 Aug 1843. You can see an example of this underlined in red in ...
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1 answer

What are the names in this Status Animarum from Slovenia?

I have a Status Animarum for Mali Cirnik 12 in the Šentrupert parish records stored at Ljubljana diocese in Austro-Hungarian Empire (present day Slovenia). The third line matches the birth date of ...