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A republic at the southern tip of Africa. Became independent from Britain in 1931.

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How did he get married and father a child while in Africa

My great-grandfather's Military History Sheet has him serving in Africa when he was supposed to have married my great-grandmother and fathered his first child - how could this be? Country From ...
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Sinking of the SS Galway castle in 1918, is there a complete list of missing passengers [duplicate]

Is there any way to find a list of those whose lives were lost in the sinking of the SS Galway Castle in 1918? Newspapers at the time give details if they were local to the area and also the number, ...
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Where was Robert Brown at the time of this 1911 Military Census?

Here is a record on Ancestry from a 1911 military census enumeration. Sharing link from Ancestry to the image. Original link to the record page (may need subscription or 'registered user' account to ...
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Determining if German naturalized in South Africa

My Grandfather was born in Germany 31 October 1900, in Koningsberg. He came to South Africa 22 July 1930 according to Table Bay stamp in passport. I have no idea if he became a South African citizen ...
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Seeking birth and/or death certificate for Ian Symington Torrance who died in South Africa in 1970? [duplicate]

Seeking a copy of the birth and/or death certificates of Ian Symington Torrance who died near Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1970.
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Seeking details of travel to South Africa in 1920s

I am looking for information about Mr/Dr Ernst Ludwig Wittman who came to South Africa in the 1920's to work as medical Dr for Iscor, a South African steel company. When did he arrive and by what ship?...
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Verifying illegitimacy of 1911 German birth?

In trying to trace my grandfather's immigration I have discovered that my grandmother (his wife) bears the same surname as her mother. She was born in 1911, but I can't find her birth record at the ...
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Finding records of emigration/immigration from Germany to South Africa?

My paternal grandfather was born in 1900 in Attenhoffen, Germany. He came to South Africa in the 1920s. My quest is to find out how and when? There is a story that he was a seaman who jumped ship in ...
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Tracing genealogy in South Africa and prior

What is the best process for tracing a family line from a great-grandfather and upwards in South Africa. What do you do once the line goes outside of South Africa to Netherlands/Germany? Who do you ...
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Seeking marriage record for Archibald Kennedy and Catherine Hunter who had child baptized at Aberdeen (Scotland) in 1803?

Is there any records for Archibald Kennedy and Catherine Hunter, parents of South African progenitor John Hunter Kennedy, born about 1803. (He could be from Aberdeen, Scotland). John Hunter Kennedy ...
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Are there online ship crew and passenger lists for journeys South Africa to New Zealand?

I am looking for details on an individual surnamed Noye. He possibly was a passenger or crew member from Africa to Tasmania or Africa to New Zealand, in the late 1890s. Are there any online resources ...
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Where do I look for a woman who vanished for 17 years?

Cornelia Wilkins (nee MEDWELL) (1877-1952) gave birth to her second child in Northamptonshire (UK) in the first quarter of 1908. She does not appear in the 1911 Census. Her husband is recorded in the ...
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Seeking copy of 19th century South African birth certificate?

I'm trying to find the birth certificate of my wife's great grandmother who was probably born in Durban, South Africa in 1884. I'm currently unable to find any online resources for this. If such a ...
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