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Questions tagged [south-carolina]

For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of South Carolina, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1788) when it was a British colony.

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Finding a South Carolina marriage record cited in a periodical index?

This Ancestry record: South Carolina, U.S., Compiled Marriage Index, 1641-1965; Ancestry Record 7840 #279656 Name: John Knight; Spouse: Mary; Marriage Date: 1675-1858; Source: South Carolina Magazine ...
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Would selling land at a low price to someone of the same surname indicate a familial relationship?

Using family bible records, deeds, and census records, I have traced my Fulton family line to my 3rd great grandfather Gersham Fulton in Anderson District South Carolina. But I am now at a dead end. ...
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Identifying John Morgan, son of Thomas D. Morgan (1809-1870)?

I have a real dilemma. I have found a DNA link to the Thomas Morgan (1791-1860) family through Frances Denira "Fanny" Morgan (1821-1899), daughter of Benjamin Francis Morgan (1762-1835), who was the ...
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Seeking records of 18th century Somerset surgeons named John Chichester?

This question is related to Interpreting "married by Licence as I am credibly informed" on 1732 Gloucestershire marriage record? in which I began to try to find the birth family of my 5th ...
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Finding records for indentured servants in South Carolina?

We strongly suspect that our ancestor, Elizabeth Turley, who married Meredith Helm, came to South Carolina as an indentured servant. She was born in Speldhurst, England in 1778, and was the only one ...
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At what port did Lorance Effler born about 1787 in Germany come to the US?

My 4th great-grandfather came into the USA from Germany (Prussia) between 1805-1810. He arrived into the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, supposedly as a bound boy (taken from an orphanage to ...
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Tracing ca 1805 immigration via Port of Charleston, SC, USA from Germany? [duplicate]

My 4th great grandfather came into the USA via the Port of Charleston, SC as a bound boy, according to family history. Is there any place to find information regarding this? He arrived about the ...
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South Carolina indentured servant

I suspect my great-grandmother may have arrived in South Carolina as an indentured servant early in the 19th century. I believe she was of Scotch/Irish origin. Any ideas where I might find evidence ...
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