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Questions tagged [spain]

For questions about ancestors and records in the country of Spain. Also tag the autonomous community if the question is specific to that autonomous community.

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Who did my great-great-great-grandfather marry?

I can say that my interest for genealogy started when I got my great-great-grandfather baptism record from Ciudad Real, Spain. This is the record (online version in Family Search): It's a bit hard to ...
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Finding French immigration records for ancestor from Spain who changed name?

My great grand parents from my mother's side (born circa 1900) left Spain in the first quarter of the 20th century to move to France where my grand father was born in 1925. They left Spain because ...
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Translating Spanish birth record into English

Can anybody translate or point me in the direction of where I can translate my great-grandfather’s Spanish birth record? He was born in 1909 and I was sent over three photocopied pages of his birth ...
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Marshalls fought in the Spanish Civil War

I am trying to find out if I am related to Marshalls who fought in the Spanish Civil War. There were Marshalls killed in battle outside Madrid.
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