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Research guidance on how to make the most effective use of subscriptions to paid data providers such as Ancestry, findmypast, The Genealogist, My Heritage, etc. Questions should focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using the service rather than asking shopping questions like "which subscription is the best?"

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Catch 22: how do you know if a data provider's sub will be valuable to you — before you subscribe?

One of the questions I constantly struggle with is how to evaluate whether it is worth it to me to subscribe or buy credits on Pay-Per-View (PPV) at the websites of the big data providers. (Side note:...
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What can be gained by paying for a subscription website such as Ancestry?

I see many free sources of information available, either online, through libraries or in person eg freeBDM, micro fiche etc. My research interests are in Queensland, Australia for the past 130 years ...
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With an account do I have access to other sites they own? [closed]

From this article I understand owns other sites like,,, and (recently) Given that I'm a paying customer of, ...
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If my Ancestry subscription lapses will my links to premium data still be valid?

I have an tree with links to content that can only be accessed with a subscription. If I let the subscription lapse I realize I won't be able to see that content anymore. Will the links ...
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