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For questions about the use, distribution, origin and etymology of surnames, also known as family names or last names.

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Finding surname distributions for names in Poland before WW2?

Gen-evolu allows us to see the distribution of family names in Germany both in modern times and during the peak of the third Reich in WW2, before Germany was affected with the ethnic cleansing of its ...
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Name changes in Canada in the 1920s?

My great-grandfather died in WW1 and then my great-grandmother remarried and had more children with her second husband. This would have been 1920s rural Saskatchewan. All of the children took one last ...
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Understanding Surnames On Vital Records From Peru

I'm trying to understand how to create legitimate records from documents written in Spanish from Peru. It seems like two surnames are often used. I have an idea of what the last names are supposed ...
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Finding record of family name change in New York City from 1943 or 1944

During WW II my family changed their name. We all lived in New York City, Manhattan, at the time. The name change was made prior to my parents' application for citizenship. Where might I find a record ...
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Manhattan Name Change Records

My great grandfather immigrated to NYC from Lomza Gubernia of Biyalstok Province of Russian EMpire (Poland today) in 1885. We don't know his original name, though the family lore is his name was ...
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Is there a way to rename a surname in an Ancestry tree?

I imported a GEDCOM and the accents in the GEDCOM got misinterpreted for some surnames. I'd like to fix this by doing a global replace of one surname with another, to replace the improper Kovaïč with ...
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Seeking change of name documents for Manhattan in 1890s

My Great Grandfather Moritz Stechil, was a widow and married in Manhattan September 13, 1891. However, when my grandfather was born, the last name changed to Steckler. My grandfather’s birth ...
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Spelling Alternatives for Lithuanian Surnames

I am having trouble with determining the correct surname spelling for my grandfather. On almost every document, including those from Churches, the names have been spelled different. Examples: Mike ...
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Obtaining documents of Cuthbert and Baird families

The names of my Cuthberts were, George, James, John, Lewis and others of the family. The specific ones that came to Savannah, GA., USA are James, John, Lewis. John Cuthbert came in the Prince of ...
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What is the origin of the surname Reineke? Is it related to the character Reynard the Fox (Reineke Fuchs)?

"Reineke Fuchs" is the German version of "Reynard the Fox," a character from European folklore. "Reineke," or the almost certainly closely related "Reinecke," ...
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Connection a "Leves" in PA, USA in 1850 potentially to Levi routes in Alsace-Lorraine

My daughter's GGG grandfather, Thomas Levis, is 26 and located in Penn Forest, Carbon County PA in the 1850 census, but I haven't been able to get back any further. My daughter has half a clotting ...
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What is the origin of the surname Fair?

William C Fair born about 1802 in Báb, Hlohovec, Nitriansky, Czechoslovakia. This could be my 3rd great grandfather. It would be nice to be able to confirm at least if Fair was known to be a surname ...
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Original spelling of Polish surname is missing

My grandfather immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1909 with his parents. Our original surname's spelling was changed upon arrival in Canada. Since then it has been "Kerunsky" and no one kept record....
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Origin of rare Maltese surname De Nasi/Nasis?

I am looking for help finding an etymology for the rare Maltese surname of De Nasi/Nasis. I have done cursory research into this and surname, and many Maltese surnames now have etymologies, but this ...
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