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For questions about the historic county of Sussex in the south-east of England, or that area now divided into East Sussex and West Sussex for administrative purposes. This tag is not to be used for the towns and counties called Sussex in the United States or elsewhere.

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Tracing Elizabeth Watson of Winchelsea, Sussex after 1815?

Elizabeth Watson was born about 1793 at Winchelsea, Sussex, England. She is listed as mother to William Bourne Russell Watson, born 30 June 1815 at Winchelsea, Sussex, England. Family folk lore says ...
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Who are the parents of George Juden?

I've spent a lot of time working on this brick wall and I was hoping for a fresh pair of eyes, heres what I have: George Juden is my 3rd Great Grandfather, He married Elizabeth Salvage and had five ...
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Would having the exact same GRO Birth Index reference mean two children born to the same parents were twins?

I have two ancestors, Mary Juden and Sarah Juden. I have Sarah's Birth Certificate but not Mary's as shown below. They were both baptised on the same day, 16 September 1838 as shown below. They both ...
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Was it common for parents to baptise a baby/child if they knew he was sickly and likely going to die soon?

At Upper Beeding, Sussex, England, my 4x Great Uncle, Henry Juden seems to have been baptised just before his death. Henry Juden Baptism - 13th May 1842
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St. John's in St. Mary's

For the situation listed at St. John's lay in the ecclesiastical parish of St. Mary's but was neither a ...
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Clarification about name of father on baptism v birth. and location of father as solider in 1920?

I have been researching one of my wife's uncles (her grandfathers youngest brother. I received his birth certificate in the post today: The above confirms that her grandfather did have a third ...
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