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Punishment in the United Kingdom in the 18th and 19th centuries whereby convicts were forcibly transported to the colonies - initially the American Colonies, latterly Australia.

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Usual ports of arrivals by nation (case of Albania)

Are there statistics on the ports of arrivals by nation? In particular, I am interested in the ports of entries of Albanians before WWI and WWII to the US.
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Interpreting 1832-1839 Bodmin Gaol records for George Wills of Illogan?

My 3rd great grandfather George Wills was baptised on 13 Jul 1806 at Illogan to Richard and Susanna (nee Scoble). On 11 Jan 1834 he married Frances Angove at Illogan. On 10 Jan 1836 George and ...
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Finding period travel information -- or How far away is too far?

This is related to the question Why would a family baptise at a parish but not marry or bury there?. If you've exhausted all the records available to you for a parish, and you want to widen your ...
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How can a London prisoner be Reprieved for Transportation.... and then executed?

I've been trying to trace the steps of a Richard Talent from London, who is rumored to be the progenitor of the Tallants of Anson County, North Carolina. With the limited resources I can access in ...
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What determined which prisoners sentenced to transportation were actually transported?

Thomas Duffett (baptised 1785 Stalbridge, Dorset, England) had a couple of run-ins with the law and got himself sentenced to 7 years transportation. Twice. But he never left the country. The first ...
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What convict records for Australia exist?

Esther Emma Leach, born Sydney 15/5/1824, may have been the daughter of a convict transported to Australia in 1813. How do I find convict records not from the first 3 fleets?
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