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Questions tagged [united-kingdom]

For questions about ancestors or records in the UK. If the question is about a specific country within the UK – England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland – use the more specific country tag instead. The full name of the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island. Prior to independence in 1922, Ireland was also part of the UK.

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How many British men and women were serving in the Boer War at the time of the 1901 census?

I have several young men and women who I cannot trace on the British 1901 census, despite numerous and extensive efforts. While there are a number of reasons why I might not be able to find them, one ...
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Why would a regular soldier join a militia? Circa 1795/1800s

Has anyone ever come across an instance where a soldier has left the regular army and joined a militia? I have an ancestor who served with the 3rd or King's Own Regiment of Dragoons in the 1790s on ...
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Did the Army know when somebody in the Reserves died?

I have now obtained my grandfather (TJ)'s Army Records and they're a very interesting read... To put it mildly, he was neither a good soldier nor one who believed in staying with the colours ...
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Getting information from Navy service record if date of death unknown?

I am helping a friend research her father who was born in 1917. The only document she has, of his, is his marriage his name, father's name and name of spouse and profession. ...
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Record of 1890s UK consular marriage in Japan?

In the 1890s there was consulate in Kobe, and I am trying to determine whether the consulate issued a particular certificate of marriage. Did the consulate provide witness to such marriages? If the ...
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Determining if C.Z. Ede and Kogiku Nagaya were officially married?

It is now almost certain that my great-grandfather is CZEde because my genetic information and the descendants of his mother's family is matched. The relationship between wrote in the past Denmark, ...
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