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For questions about ancestors and records in the USA. This includes previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of the present-day USA, such as the relevant European colonies. Also tag the state if the question is specific to that state.

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2 answers

Birth record for Illinois or Michigan birth in 1881?

I am having trouble locating a reliable birth record for a person in my tree. According to the 1900 census record, a certain Mollie Goetz/Getz was born in Feb 1881 in Illinois. "United States ...
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1 answer

What resources exist for information about ancestors affected by the Expulsion of the Acadians?

I believe I had ancestors in Acadia who were expelled by the British in the mid-18th century. Are there any surviving records from this event? Where can they be found?
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15 votes
3 answers

Finding Utah ancestor's parents after exhausting BMD records, census and newspapers?

Though his known life history is quite lurid, I have spent 40 years searching for the parents of my great-grandfather. He was born in 1859, first married in Salt Lake City in 1884, divorced while in ...
10 votes
3 answers

Why did my Uncle's Death Certificate Not Appear in the Family History Library's Archives?

In 1987, an uncle, one of my Dad's siblings, disappeared without leaving any word of his whereabouts. At the time, he lived in Denver, Colorado. Fast forward to 1998, I left the military and took a ...
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1 answer

Where do I find the record pointed to by a naturalization index?

I found an image of an index record for a declaration of intent in a New York court, published online as part of the collection Alphabetical Index to Declarations of Intention of the U.S. District ...
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25 votes
2 answers

What does it mean if a probate index lists a person's record as "Insanity of", instead of "Estate of"?

I found my ancestor listed in a probate index for McLeod County, Minnesota, USA around the year 1882. His record is in the format "Last Name, First Name, Insanity of", instead of "Last Name, First ...
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3 answers

Migration route from New Hampshire to Ohio ca1810-1816?

My ancestor, William Preston, resided Rumney, Grafton County, New Hampshire in 1808. By about 1816, he had removed to and settled at Fort Winchester in the area of now Defiance, Defiance County, Ohio. ...
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Tracking down an adoption in New Mexico from 1916

I am trying to get more information about an adoption that took place in New Mexico in 1916. The laws around adoption and record privacy seem to be varied, but many states simply don't reveal this ...
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2 answers

How can I get all the military records available through NARA (USA) for an individual veteran?

When requesting the military records for an individual veteran from the national archives, I was only sent the discharge summary. How do I know if there are any more records available for the ...

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