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Person has no house number on Census, but two different house numbers on Electoral Rolls (19th Century UK)

On the 1849-50 Register of Voters, Charles Ashmore in Manchester, UK was listed at 331 Rochdale Road. On the 1850-51 Register of Voters, he was listed at 329 Rochdale Road. And on the 1851 Census, ...
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Looking for Hungarian voters list around 1931

I am trying to track my grandfathers movements at the beginning of the 1930s and i wanted to check if he was listed in the 1931 voters list for the Hungarian parliament elections but i didn't manage ...
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2 answers

How to interpret dates on California Indexes to Electoral Registers

Ancestry has a collection "California, Voter Registrations, 1900-1968". This consists of images of various documents relating to Electoral Registers. In particular, I am looking at the images for San ...
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Finding background information on historical England & Wales electoral registers?

Find My Past has recently added a collection of England and Wales Electoral Registers, the data set England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932. I would like to find background information ...
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Deceased people appearing on 2002 UK electoral register?

I have found someone of interest listed on the 2002 UK electoral register. I have also found a death certificate for a person with the same name living at the same location who died the previous year....
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Finding where US citizen owned land and/or was registered to vote in 1855?

As a spin off from my question What was occupation of Skipper in 1855 New York State Census?, I know (or at least it appears) that Moody M. Hale (or Hall?) was a U.S. land owner and voter in 1855 ...
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Techniques for searching Somerset electoral rolls?

Find My Past has recently released a collection of Somerset Electoral Registers. The date range for the collection is 1832-1914. I am just beginning my research in Somerset. I have one family of ...
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