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Questions tagged [witness]

A person present at a marriage or other event who confirms the identity of (for example) the bride or the groom. Can be a useful source for finding names of relatives of the married couple.

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Looking to trace name of only witness via signature on Baptism Cert 1870 Dublin St Pauls

Child born = Elizabeth Gibson, 25th May 1870, parents Samuel Gibson, Rose McGauran, residence, 64 Arbour Hill (in Dublin not in script) Witness = ??, could be Catherine ??? – Looking to trace name of ...
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How to read Tennessee marriage record

I am trying to interpret the bottom marriage record from's "Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002": I know that the couple getting married is Lyman J. Strong and Martha H. Green. What is ...
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Status of Ted Wildy's UK Marriage Witness Index?

In the 1990's, Ted Wildy of New Zealand created an index of marriage witnesses, which had contributions of the names of the witnesses of many marriages in the UK (as well as Australia and New Zealand)....
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