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For questions about the county of Worcestershire in the West Midlands of England, commonly abbreviated "Worcs". Not to be confused with the county town of Worcester, or the counties and towns called Worcester in the United States.

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Does the word 'foreign' apply to Irish in Bishop's transcripts from English Baptism records 18th century

I'm researching English records and came across a Bishop's transcript of a baptism in Worcestershire. The year is 1789. The records says: "Sarah daughter of Samuel and Mary Brooks Foreign"....
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Trying to find birth and death info for Thomas and Sarah Bissell

I am trying to find birth and death info for Thomas and Sarah Bissell. Thomas Bissell's Christening date is December 25, 1787 in Saint Thomas',Dudley,Worcester,England but I do not have any birth ...
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Finding Worcestershire parents of James Rammell, husband of Elinor Orrosmit or Arrowsmith?

Does anyone have information regarding the parents of James Rammell, father of Thomas Rammell, and husband of Elinor Orrosmit (or Arrowsmith)? Both James and Elinor were born in Birlingham, ...
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How did the lives of Worcestershire nail-makers change 1840-1880?

The 1851 Census of England and Wales shows my ancestors living in Forge Lane, Halesowen, Worcestershire. Not only are all the adult males on the page working as gun barrel forgers, but also every ...
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