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Records from Murska Sobata - Hungary, Yugoslavia & now Slovenia

I was surprised to find Trautman's were listed as Jews and killed in Auschwitz on How do I find records from a Synagogue that was shut down by the Nazi's. The Synagogue I need the ...
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2 answers

Seeking Argentina-Buenos Aires immigration and residential records for Dusan Biukovic

My grandfather Dusan (or Daniel) Biukovic (surname versions: Biucovich, Biukovich) migrated from Svinica, Yugoslavia (now Croatia) in 1926 and probably died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. How to ...
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What locality was meant by Trbontle, Yugoslavia?

I have the notes taken on behalf of an illiterate coal miner immigrant for his affidavit for naturalization in 1936. In there it is written: which reads: I am married, wife's name is Theresa ...
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Searching for ancestry records of family from Bosnia/Serbia/Former Yugoslavia

My partner was born in Bosnia, as were his parents (migrated to Australia in the 90s). Is there any site or anyone I can contact to find records of my partner's grandparents, great grandparents etc.?...
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What steps should I take to retrieve lost sources?

I've lost my sources for an individual. Either I never wrote it down or it's been lost by my software (probably the former). I realized this when I came back to this individual the other day and saw ...
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