In a forum post, Jim Fina notes it is very unlikely that Elizabeth de Burgh, Countess of Ulster, was married to Elyas (or Richard?) de Richmond, because: Elyas (or Richard) de Richmond would have become Earl of Ulster, as Elizabeth de Burgh was the only daughter and heir of William de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster. He did not. Elizabeth de Burgh, Countess of ...


You are making a wrong assumption, in my understanding. Rabbi Asher's surname was not "Rosh" - it is simply an acronym of his name (his letter abbreviations make sense only in Hebrew). It's like saying that Maimonides's surname was Rambam, which is, again, an acronym of his name, following the way most of the great Jewish authorities are referenced, from ...


Not a specific answer to your trip question but this may assist. You could try contacting the Huguenot Society to see if they have anything on the arrival of your Jacques's in the UK. Their records may be able to help formulate a plan for your research trip.


I've done research on Jacques Hoste from Middelburg, see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hoste-114. Didn't find much about his father. I'm interested in him since I was born in Middelburg and my name is Hoste. My ancestors are from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, not far from Middelburg.

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