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Meaning of profession Batswoman on marriage certificate

Based on this reference work originally referred to by @ColeValleyGirl in her comments to my question it states: A batman or an orderly is a soldier or airman assigned to a commissioned officer as ...
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Meaning of profession Batswoman on marriage certificate

Given the following references, it appears that batswoman is probably a typo or misspelling of batwoman, which is a woman employed to maintain a household (sweep, clean, fetch things, run errands). A ...
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Marriages in Caracas Venezuela 1969

See the article in the FamilySearch Research Wiki Venezuela Genealogy to begin. On the right-hand side of the page, under the section Record Types, choose either Civil Registration or Church Records ...
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Meaning of profession Batswoman on marriage certificate

From O.E.D. Batman 1955 Times 18 Aug. 5/1 Men employed as outside batmen in the married quarters were expected to clean and polish the houses, clean windows, cut lawns, fetch coal, and run ...
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Finding father who was in UK Royal Navy during 1960s?

If your father is no longer alive, and you are his 'Next of Kin' you can apply for his service record. You have to do this direct from the Royal Navy and on payment of a fee they will send you his ...
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