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No, this isn't an M registration vehicle. The 'M' for the registration year was at the end of the number (e.g. 'URX 465M'). The tractor shown in the photograph would have been registered before 1963. From the page on Suffix Registrations, linked from the article you cited, "Prior to 1963, registration marks were dateless". We can, however, narrow the ...


As @sempaiscuba says, this registration is pre-letter codes, and the pattern restricts it to 1930s to 1963. However, you can get a bit closer from the tractor itself: a very quick image search shows that according to Country Life's article Top 5 vintage tractors it is a Fordson, introduced in 1952. So, sometime after 1952 (it doesn't look brand new) and ...


FamilySearch have a really useful page of Acronyms and Abbreviations on their Wiki. In this case, for CNBL it has: Cannot Be Located


You might try searching for the record on Cook County Genealogy. Once you register, you can search for death records that are over 20 years old. To view the actual record, however, you need to pay $17. Generally place of burial is indicated on the death certificate.


If you haven't already done so, I suggest placing an inquiry with the local genealogy group in Chicago. I was looking for information on my grandmother who was never issued a death certificate (she died around 1905), and the local genealogy group in that particular county was quite helpful. As they are usually volunteers, it may take a little while to get ...


A couple of suggestions for you in the local area that may narrow down your search: Gloucestershire county archives are largely kept at the archive office in Gloucester. Almondsbury nowadays is pretty much just a suburb of Bristol, which has its own archives. These include local cremation records, which may help if your Granddad was cremated in a Bristol ...


The tractor registration MWV 714 is definitely a Wiltshire County Council issue from 1955. My father bought a new Ford Consul Mk.1 in Wiltshire in about July of that year, registration MWV 535, so as numbers were issued sequentially this would date the tractor registration as probably 2 - 3 months later i.e. about September 1955, which seems to tie up with ...


The primary newspaper for Midland, Texas, is the Midland Reporter-Telegram (found by searching for "newspaper" on the "Midland, Texas" wikipedia page). Google "midland reporter telegram archives" and one of the top hits is "Midland Reporter Telegram Newspaper Archives (1941-1977)


You will not be able to access them until 2048. Federal prison records less than 72 years old are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act under subsection (b)(6). To quote from National Archives guidelines, "this type of record might include medical information, personal financial data, Social Security numbers, intimate details of an individual's ...

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