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Deceased people appearing on 2002 UK electoral register?

I have discovered a deceased person in a modern electoral before. Errors happen, and in your case if you think other evidence points to it being the same person, it is probably the same person. ...
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Searching for 21st century Australian Death records

Wikipedia's list of online newspapers for Australia does not include the Illawarra Mercury, but it does point to a free site called the Ryerson Index, which provides a free searchable index of death ...
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Deceased people appearing on 2002 UK electoral register?

Bear in mind that there is a legally-defined cut-off date for the Registers, which is, last I heard, 15th October. So anyone who dies after that date actually must appear in the register for "next" ...
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Finding out where someone who died in England during 20th/21st century is actually buried?

Another collaborative genealogy website, WikiTree has a Global Cemeteries Project that aims to help people find burial places. Just sign up; no charges for using the site. To build a tree there, we ...
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