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Sources of cabinet-making apprentices in Ireland around 1815-1830?

I think I may have lucked out on this search. I found this book: Irish Furniture: Woodwork and Carving in Ireland from the Earliest Times to ... A quick look in the appendix shows an alphabetical ...
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Sources of guild records of cabinet-makers in Scotland around 1815-1830?

The Three United Trades of Dundee is the website for the relevant guild in Dundee. The Wrights was apparently the one to cover joiners - other places may divide the trades differently, and the Wrights ...
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Records of joiners in Glasgow and Edinburgh

'Well in Scotland as with England, and the rest of the UK. A person would require to be a Freeman, as the eldest son of a Freeman or else to have become a Freeman, by Marriage to the Eldest daughter ...
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Finding apprenticeship record for Blacksmith born 1846 at Illogan, Cornwall, England?

My grandfather, who was born in St. Ives, Cornwall, England in 1864, was an apprenticed blacksmith. It appears the apprenticeship was done under a friend who was a blacksmith, as the census for St. ...
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