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Korean book listing family history for 5000 years - is this particular to a specific culture in Korea?

I had never heard of this but it is a fascinating topic: To specifically answer your question was this specific to a specific tribe or clan, no it was more wide spread. The book is referred to as a ...
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Obtaining birth certificates from colonial Malacca/Straits Settlements

I have had a similar situation myself with a relative born in Singapore in 1924. The National Archives states that they "do not hold the internal administrative records of governments of former ...
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Which DNA test(s) is(/are) currently suitable for East Asians?

You do not say whether you have considered AncestryDNA but the autosomal DNA test available from that company can be used to look for East Asian Ethnicity: People in this DNA ethnicity group may ...
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How do I find out which group/population/part of East Asia my ancestors are from?

If you test at Ancestry you will probably know what side of the earth you come from. You need to test with 23andme to pin it down. My daughter in law was adopted and looked very western. Her Japanese ...
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