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For questions about ancestors and records in Australia. Also tag the state if the question is specific to that state.

Australia is a nation of approximately 22 million people on the world's largest island (or smallest continent) between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean.

Australia is comprised 6 states and a number of territories; also tag the state if the question pertains to that specific state:

New South Wales was the original colony established by the British in 1788 on the current site of the city of Sydney but effectively governing all of the eastern and central part of the continent (and what is now New Zealand).

Tasmania (1825), South Australia (1834), Victoria (1851) and Queensland (1859) separated from New South Wales to become self-governing under the British crown. Western Australia existed from 1826 as a distinct colony.

The decision to federate in 1901 was taken as a result of extensive consultation and voting across all colonies. It was ratified by an Act of the British Parliament.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy that "shares" its Head of State with other countries of the British Commonwealth.

Indigenous Australians now make up approximately 2.5% of the total population, all other Australians are the descendants of modern immigrants.