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Got it! 1920 M Quarter Llanelly 11A 2861 EARLEY HARRIS, MARY It did not occur to me that her birth was registered in 1920! I received the certificate yesterday and it was the right reference. She was born on 12 November 1919 and her mum did not register it until 1 January 1920. She was born at home in the pub (Brecon Arms) they were landlords for. I guess ...


You can find a Census for 1855 on FamilySearch (39481) for - among others - Westensee and Neum√ľnster available.


I would question the genealogical relevance of a baby scan. It is essentially just a photo, just as that photo of your son's third birthday, or the first time he rode a bike. These photos are not added as facts, because they are not of much genealogical relevance. So the most logical place to put it is just as an image or media. Certainly this baby scan is ...


The normal way that JewishGen represents Ukrainian birth records is like this: where in the second column, the top box contains the father's name (Ber) above the father's father's name (Perel). So the father of Froim is Ber son of Perel. Similarly the middle box contain the mother's name (Blyuma) above the mother's father's name (Meer). So the mother of ...

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