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I think the writing in the last column of entry 499 says: A. Pope Offg Min. [Officiating Minister] and that the occupation is: Mariner


Shipping the body back to the home village is a possibility, as you can see in the related question What records might be created in England when people are re-interred?. In his book talk The Forgotten Irish: Irish Emigrant Experiences in America, author Damian Shiels talked about Civil War Veterans being shipped home to Ireland from the United States. (...


I can't see an obvious burial record for Edward, but if you can find out where his wife was buried, there's a decent chance he'll be there too. Or he could be in a family plot somewhere, so you could look for his father and mother too. Edward's probate record on Ancestry says "of Sileby near Loughborough" which matches the 1901 census. The residence ...


The Index To Death Duty Registers 1796-1903 at FindMyPast gives the residence of Edward Brewer Brooks at the time of his death on 11 May 1901 as being Loughborough. You may already know this but, if not, it may provide you with another search term.

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