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Downloading documents at Family History Center (FamilySearch)

When I have viewed documents at a Family History Center or FamilySearch Affiliate Library in the past I was able to view and download most documents for future access at home. I believe there are some ...
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Familysearch terms of use (2018) and "ownership" of information?

You seem to be confusing ownership and licensing. When you submit information to a website such as FamilySearch, you will usually be licensing them the information. The FamilySearch Terms of Use (...
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Standard GEDCOM tag/note for copyright?

COPR (Copyright) is just a claim of copyright...and legally speaking, copyright is not the same as a license for use and distribution (like Creative Commons). You don't want to conflate the two if you ...
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Do I have the right to share these records?

I'm not a specialist or expert on legal matters, but I do have some experience working with Eastern European archives (mainly Estonia, but also Latvia, and Russia). There are a set of different laws ...
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Can I legally copy clippings from

The problem is not the copyright it is the Terms of Service. The newspaper itself is out of copyright so if you had taken your own image of an original it would be legal to distribute without any ...
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Why aren't census images made available by the US government?

I'd like to address some issues that didn't come up in any of the previous answers. In a comment, you said: The cost to create a census is many times larger than what it would take to digitize ...
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