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German or Czech town (or city)

This seems to say "Auscha," which is indeed the German name of a town known in Czech as Úštěk.
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Spelling of Original Hungarian or Czechoslovakian surname?

The sounds [polɑvt͡ʃɛk] would be written Polavcsek in modern Hungarian; [pɑlovt͡ʃɛk] would be Palovcsek. However, surnames often preserve archaic spellings, and in any case nobody paid much attention ...
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Checking if surname is common in Czech Republic?

I'm Czech so I could help, although you did not mention the name. Anyway, here are some sites I use for this purpose. They allow you to search surnames ("příjmení" in czech), and will show ...
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Checking if surname is common in Czech Republic?

Your best bet is the phone book. Find online phone directories for Prague (because it's a large city and the books should be easy to find and the city draws people from many places around the country)...
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Translating postcard written in German and sent either to/from Trebisov in Slovakia

I wrote down what I can read, as I'm unsure about some letters. The orthography is a bit adventurous. Zur ewigen andenken "to remember forever" [that's what probably meant] habe ...
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What are these place names (in present-day Slovakia) from this US passenger list in 1913?

It's a bit of a guess, but I'm bold and adding this as answer rather than a comment. I think it is Kysak (Hungarian: Sároskőszeg) half-way between Prešov and Košice. Rationale: The first writer had a ...
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Origin of surname Шцмоняк

In my experience, identifying the town from which your ancestor came might make easier to understand the original spelling (assuming that you can then track down documents for the town). Following ...
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