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Should a Proof Summary be included in a Lineage Society application to explain minor conflicts?

I don't have complete experience here, and I imagine many of the genealogical societies handle some of these things differently, but these are the two ways I would consider handling this: Include a ...
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Can anyone assist me to read he details of the number 7 birth record of Howes?

Here's what I can read: No. 7 2 March 1855 Sch.kl[?].mester William Howes og hustru Ellin Howse, 23 Aar? ved Jernbanen ved Korsber Bortvagit? efter H...s dag til England d. 17. Marts, uden har? .. .. ...
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Looking for Ludwig Schermer, DOB 27 Dec 1917

With this year of birth it is very likely that he served. Drafting for this year began in October 1938 and more than a third of the drafted servicemen died. The service record should be available ...
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