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If you are a Spanish Speaker and / or can tolerate Google Translate the following are a couple places I have found you can try. One thing to keep in mind is they may not have traveled directly from Latvia to Venezuela and may have stopped at several ports and changed ships along their journey both in Europe, possibly North America, as well as in South ...


You can start right here. There is an additional place to search at the Bundesarchiv Deutschland, you can google their address. In the meantime you can start at this place, but it may cost you 25 dollars for them to do the research. I successfully got some information from them, but I encourage you to track down the Bundesarchiv under Lettische Legion/Waffen-...


Apparently Latvian museum of war has acquired archive data on the legion from Daugavas Vanagi and has a database on legionaries. Seems like on past two years they held event in March for families interested in learning more about their ancestors. The museum has a website, I don't see any information on this there, but you probably can try to contact them: ...


Someone at the Institute of History in Latvia will probably know. A list of academics with relevant interests is here:, with email addresses.

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