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Run away marriage: why did people go to Maryland?

For those interested, the marriage certificate has been found. While the law forcing couples to wait 2 days between the license and the marriage had significantly reduced the number of couples going ...
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Who were the wives of John Ervin (1791-1843)?

The inventory and sale bill for Catherine Jane Ervin's estate, probated in 1849, are available via Ancestry. In the collection, "Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999," select Blackford County ...
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Seeking passenger list for SS Wittekind which landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910

I suspect the vessel you are looking for is actually the SS Wittekind, which arrived in Baltimore on 26 May 1910. The passenger list is available on Familysearch, and Marcin Glowacki, aged 18, is ...
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1935 residence code in the 1940 census

This is a preliminary answer that will be added to as I find more information -- see the area below the dividing line for updates. The short answer is that the code 7251 is the designation for ...
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Looking for article on Edith Cromwell / Oliver Cromwell

There isn't enough detail in your question to definitively find the article in question. However, we can give general advice to address "Looking for article..." PERSI, the PERiodical Source ...
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Birth records for Baltimore Maryland in the 1840s

You don't say how you know that your 2nd great-grandfather was born in the 1840s in Baltimore, so I'll begin with a caution -- be aware that when people were asked about their birthplace, they ...
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