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Conducting research on Chinese village named P'an Yu, Guangdong Province?

There is (or was) a village named Pong Woo in the old Upper Poon Yue (Panyu) County. In those days it was about 15 miles northwards from the city of Canton. It's population was about 20,000 in 1909 ...
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Conducting research on Chinese village named P'an Yu, Guangdong Province?

Try the society organization of your clan e.g. In Vancouver there is the Yue Shan Society at 37 West Pender Street. They use to take $1 and record family members info on birth , death ,marriage etc. ...
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Italian grand grand Father Italy to Venezuela manifest passenger list

I would first check immigration records. They would contain valuable information on your great grandfather. I would also search ship manifests but you would need dates of sailing or ship name to do so....
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Are there any extant records of Imperial subjects who moved to Britain?

To answer this question, think about the purposes for which records were created. Official record sets kept by goverments such as the BT 26 lists of passengers arriving in the UK between 1878 and 1960,...
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Huguenot lineage from Flanders creates a brick wall

I've done research on Jacques Hoste from Middelburg, see Didn't find much about his father. I'm interested in him since I was born in Middelburg and my name is ...
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