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Here's an update. I'm a FamilySearch wiki contributor. Canal Zone Employment records have been digitized and are searchable in the FamilySearch website. A description of these records is available at the FamilySearch wiki: United States, Panama Canal Zone, Employment Records and Sailing lists, 1905-1937)


Although I guess that no one will be able to determine a precise year with just the picture given, however, I try my best guess that it was taken between 1883 and 1888. Let me walk you through the process of my estimation. a) Overall look He looks like a men in his 50s. A beard usually makes a person appear older, especially when as large as the one in ...


This is tangential to the original question, but of interest to those whose relatives worked in the Canal. You may want to read the book, "Blue Book of Panama," published in 1914, in Panama. It was intended as a commercial directory / publicity book for Panama sponsored by the United Fruit Company to attract investors to Panama. However, the book also has a ...


Since your 3rd great-grandfather's occupation includes the word manager, I wonder if he might appear in other records besides payroll records. Any company has a hierarchy of people in the company, and if someone is part of middle management, his name might turn up as the author of a report, or in the reports of his superiors, if they are reporting on the ...

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