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Displaying exponentially growing family tree in practical way?

There are many ways in which a pedigree can be displayed, and there is always going to be a balance between the clarity and amount of information you can reasonably display. There's little point in ...
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How to interpret "in descent from"

The phrase "9th in descent from Edward I" means that Edward I appears 8 lines above her in her pedigree (i.e. Edward I was her 6x Gt Grandfather). What follows is a little complicated, but the lines: ...
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Displaying exponentially growing family tree in practical way?

Printing all your ancestors for over 200 years on a single A4 sheet is not possible. Harry Vervet provided an excellent answer including the H-tree. I believe, however, that this format is hard to ...
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Displaying exponentially growing family tree in practical way?

You could break away from tree-type diagrams and use an Ahnentafel Report. Most genealogical programs or online stores will produce one of these that can be output as a PDF. Starting from an ...
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Interpreting the Trussell Family Tree

The Trussell family tree correctly splits the two main lines of medieval Trussells, that helpfully bore different heraldic coats, but it is incomplete. For example the William Trussell who married ...
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How likely is it that I am related to a specific person who was living 20 or 30 generations ago?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are "related to someone who lived in 1066", and to a very large number of people who were living in 1066. Whether you are related to a particular ...
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Representing large pedigree chart as spreadsheet?

There are programs available of which I do not remember their names, that would some like what you would like but not quite. Naturally I don't remember the name, but there is a program you can enter ...
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