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Trying to find ancestor prior to his marriage, believed born in Quebec

I see that when Thomas and Elizabeth married in Ontario in 1860, Thomas was residing in Oshawa and Elizabeth in Whitby. Therefore, this looks to be a likely bet for them on the 1861 census of Canada (...
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Where is (or was) Trabash in Quebec?

Thanks to advice from in-laws in Quebec, it now seems likely to me that 'Trabash' (the term used for Edward McDowell's birthplace in the 1861 England census) was a garbling of Tadoussac, an old Quebec ...
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Where is (or was) Trabash in Quebec?

I don't know if this will help or make things worse. The vital and church records of Quebec (Collection Drouin) shows one Edward McDowell, baptized September 27, 1820, born August 22nd on a ship from ...
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Finding Montreal map from 1921?

I used a Google search on "montreal historic maps" to find Old maps of Montreal at On that page I clicked the Browse the old maps button and on the right hand ...
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